B. 1992 Indigo Lewin lives and works in London. She studied traditional darkroom practice and portraiture at The International Center of Photography in New York. Since graduating in 2014 she has exhibited her work in London, France, the U.S, India and Japan. Working across many mediums, Indigo often accompanies her photographic series with intimate fanzines and publications.

Fascinated by challenging societal ideals of love, beauty and perfection; in more recent works Lewin blurs the lines between the framed image and the pages in her publications by using hand annotations and collage; utilising mixed media through the marriage of poetry and image to convey a story or express an emotion. 



SELLOUT, London, 2014
Indigo Lewin, 2010-13, London, 2014
Girls Only LDN, London, 2014
Girls Only NYC, New York, 2014


Pillow Talk, London, 2016
Sans Titre (2016), Vol:1 Paris, 2016
4EVA&EVA, London 2016
Toilet Humour, London 2016
Jalouse Magazine Gallery, Paris 2016


Sans Titre (2016), Vol 3: Nothing to Hide, Paris 2017
Sans Titre (2016), Saint Tropez, 2017
Paris Internationale Art Fair, Paris, 2017


Curiosities and Adventures, Hauser and Wirth, London, 2018
Sans titre (2016) and Extramentale presents “Shrine Bright”, Galerie HUIT, Arles, 2018


NEUROTICA, AQuickOne, London, 2019
Romeo He's Moaning, 5th Base Gallery, London, 2019
Spring Time Mix-Tape, the pole gallery, London, 2019