Following 4EVA&EVA, a zine and photographic study on idyllic romance and the iconography of young love, TENDER, Lewin’s second solo show returns to the same subject but from a place of understanding versus observation.

Deriving it’s name from it’s dictionary definitions TENDER aims to give a well rounded view of the romantic relationship. Both the beautiful and the ugly, feelings of empowerment and vulnerability, deep romance and the sometimes transactional nature of sexual exchange.

 A presentation of anonymous lovers and abstracted intimate moments; Lewin intends for the viewer to assume the role of the voyeur and to provoke discomfort through a feeling of ‘walking in on something’. Whilst applying her own experiences in both love and lust onto the faceless subjects, Indigo also intends for the audience to find a sense of identification or dejavu within the images. 

Curated by Marie Madec and coinciding with The Rencontres d’Arles photo fair TENDER opens July 1st at Galerie Huit, Arles. Alongside the release of Lewin’s first book (going by the same name) produced by Sans Titre 2016.